Usually, people have this mindset that scraps gold has no worth or old, utilized jewellery or bullions and many other items have no esteem or very depreciated value. Surprisingly, with passing time there were drastic changes in the market in long run. Nowadays, apart from jewellers and merchants, there are countless vendor’s or companies who are doing business in this field and trading old, utilized, broken and even tarnished pieces, bits of gold items.

Forget who will accept your gold scrap, but choose whom you are going to sell it to?


IN DELHI- NCR REGION, there is a pool of vendor’s trying to trick the clients through their facilities, deals and various other offers. Hereby, CASH FOR GOLD is not one of those as it works according to the mentioned details presented to you on our websites.

cash for gold 3

CASH FOR GOLD is working in this domain for over 20 years feeding every wish and order our clients ask for. We are giving the top prices for your metal in comparison to other vendors. We deal in chains, cufflinks, necklaces, coins, watches, bars bullion, pins, brooches, bangles, earrings and many more.

We work with minimum Paperwork and moreover provide home pick- up service within 45 km. Unlike other vendor’s we are available for our customers 24×7.

Our organization has some profoundly experienced colleagues who begin the strategy by looking at the purity level of the piece through Karat – meter alongside evaluating the right measure of the provided metal. We would highly recommend our store to get exclusive offers with such high prices. Calculating the exact amount of gold mentioned by the customers and doing the paperwork. What makes us different from the other buyers in this domain is we use highly fair practices and give genuine prices to our customers.


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